Setting up Cassandra using Datastax OpsCenter

CassandraDB is basically distributed Database system and used to deal with huge Data.
To setup Cassandra cluster, we can use Datastax OpsCenter community tools or enterprise edition.
It is the easiest way to manage Cassandra cluster graphically.In this case major Components of Cassandra cluster are:
1. OpsCenter for Managing Cassandra Cluster
2. Datastax Agent
3. Cassandra

InstallĀ OpsCenter first
– Configure Datastax yum repository
Add below entries to /etc/yum.repos.d/datastax.repo

name = DataStax Repository
baseurl =
enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 0

– Run below command to install opscenter.

$ yum install opscenter

– Start Opscenter service

$ /etc/init.d/opscenterd start

– Open http://<ServerIP>:8888 in web browser
– Click “Create Brand new cluster” button
– Enter Name of cluster
– Provisioning Type: Local
– Package: Datacenter Community (Select appropriate version and make sure “Community” and NOT Enterprise unless you have proper license for it.)
– Enter username and password or SSH Public key. Make sure that user is created on all Cassandra nodes also if it is not root user then it should have sudo privileges.
– Click “Add Datacenter”
– Enter Datacenter Name
– Enter “Node IP and Rack No.” Any Rack number. Click “Add”. If you have Multiple Nodes then add all nodes here.
– Make sure “Node Type” is “Cassandra”
– Click “Add Datacenter”
– Click “Build Cluster”
– Now it will install Datastax agent first and then Cassandra DB on all nodes. Using Opscenter we can manage resources of these nodes, create sets and many more stuff.

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