Linux Addiction !!!

Today When I ask in one department in company that "Can we switch over to Windows? As some body is donating Licensing cost for those PCs" All users said "No, We can’t work on Windows now. We need only Linux"…

I got pleasent surprised by their reply. I thought that they will switch to Windows.

Three years back when I was pushing these users to work on Linux. I had to explain them advantages of Linux. They faced lots of issues in their daily work. Some of them I could resolved, In some cases they had to change their working style, some of them took a loing time also. But now when they are using it for last 2 years without any issue, they dont want to go back to Windows. They said that they forgot how to work on Windows. …. They got addicted to Linux now…..

People say that Linux is not user friendly and cannot be used for Desktops for general users.
Now I can surely say, if users, admins, management plans to use Linux, works hard on it without having windows in mind then they can switch to Linux. Offcourse proffessional companies like Adobe, Corel, Font making companies should make applications for Linux also.

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One thought on “Linux Addiction !!!

  1. Morgan lee says:

    Hi Buddy,

    Linux Addiction being contrived to exist for many projects simply so it can be run will be the first to hit the wall, but those projects where the functions to make existing transactions cheaper in real world applications will find the elusive real world demand.

    Is there a way i can make partitions for Linux on my 2 TB external HDD and be able to boot into Linux from my HDD?
    Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you.

    Thanks & Regards,

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